June 17, 2020

Lakeland Basic Photo class publishes book about the pandemic

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My Spring Semester Basic Photography class at Lakeland Community College created a response to the pandemic and its disruptions to our lives by publishing a book of photographs which document some of the changes we have all endured in the past few months.

The project arose from the feeling that teleconferencing and e-mail were not going to be sufficient contact to keep the students engaged in the process of learning photography unless we had a singular focus on producing a document that everyone could contribute to and could go beyond the process of completing a list of standard assignments. The result was a 36-page book that captures the feeling of separation from our usual social environment and some trepidation about the future.

The book is now available on the Blurb.com bookstore at this link.


It should be noted that the book was submitted to the printers on May 6—two weeks before businesses, government offices and other institutions in Ohio began a slow process of reopening and three weeks before the world completely changed yet again.

Life Interrupted

Life Interrupted A Photographic Resp… By Frank Gwirtz

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