Protect Geauga Parks

In an effort to thwart a hostile takeover of the Geauga Parks District by persons whose purpose appears to be to stop the growth of the park system and turn much of it into free hunting zones, I donated several large banners to a grass-roots organization called¬†Protect Geauga Parks.¬†County park systems are often viewed as easy pickings for corrupt politicians who use them to favor one group of residents while surreptitiously milking them of funds and other resources. One of our Board members just received a contract worth $9,999.00 to “study” the drug abuse problem in Geauga County. That’s an interesting number that probably falls exactly $1 below a threshold that would require competitive bidding and approval by County Commissioners and the Budget Committee. In any case, anyone who wants information about drug abuse could probably get it with phone calls to the Sheriff’s office, the DEA and the FBI. Might take an afternoon to gather the info and write up a report.


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